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Video: Husker Du – Live from London 1985 (complete)

Pretty amazing video of Husker Du in action…55 minutes of some intense stuff.

Bob Mould: See A Little Light

Husker Du, Sugar…the Daily Show and Wrestling, Bob Mould has had something to do with each of them. He is likely best known for being a member of the band Husker Du, but in the 90’s he was back in another band, Sugar, that may have eclipsed his first band in popularity. He is one of those artists that has influenced future generations of artists just like Pete Townshend and the Ramones influenced him.

I first heard of this band with a funny name from a friend of mine. I was not much of a ‘punk’ guy at the time. My tastes were classic rock and heavy metal. He told me I might like this album called Zen Arcade and he played me three or four songs. I was blown away with what I heard. The power, anger and frustration that I heard in these songs were like nothing I had experienced before. I left his apartment and drove to the big record store in town (The Warehouse) and was pleased to buy the only copy of the album they had.

For the next week I played it over and over. It was a double album with the lyrics printed across the gatefold. I studied this album. The music was so emotional. The album was not all punk rage, it had acoustic guitars, piano, backwards tracking and a thirteen minute punk/jazz instrumental to close out side 4. The year was 1984 and this album changed my musical tastes. I started searching out this type of music.

In 1987 I finally got my chance to see Husker Du in concert. They played my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. I was on the rail, right in front of Bob Mould. They played their new (and last) album ‘Warehouse: Songs and Stories’ from beginning to end. By the end of the show I was still on the rail, but I had been pushed down to stand in front of bassist Greg Norton. I remember that it was LOUD and there was hardly a second of rest between songs, they just kept coming at you.  I was getting pushed and pulled by the people in the ‘pit’. By the time it was over I was exhausted and drained.

I hung around and met everyone in the band. Greg Norton was very cool to me. He signed my CD cover and talked about the photos and the design of the cover. Bob signed the cover and thanked me for buying it. Grant signed it as he was rushing out the door. I drove back to my tiny apartment with my ears ringing and happy.

Husker Du ended the next year. I have followed Bob’s career…a couple of solo albums, the band Sugar, more solo records. And now he has an autobiography out, ‘See A Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody’. It is a good read as far as rock autobiographies go. He stays away from the grandiose story telling like some of his peers. He gave a nice linear story of his private life and music career. From his overbearing father, homosexuality, forming/break-up of Husker Du, first relationship, solo career, forming/break-up of Sugar, embracing his homosexuality..

I did not know that ‘The Daily Show’ theme was written by him, but I did know that he was a writer for World Championship Wrestling for a stint. There are some good stories in the book. And Bob does not hold back.

He pours gasoline on the smoldering relationship with his ex-bandmate Grant Hart. Once he split with Husker Du he never looked back on the band. Leaving the other two members to the lawsuits and such. But in 2004, for a benefit show for Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, he agreed to play a couple of Husker Du songs with Grant. Bob portrays him as a negative person and suggests that Hart vomited on the wall in his dressing room. Then, a year later, Hart gave an interview with Magnet magazine….

My favorite quote in the piece came from Grant: “Sorry about your dead friend David Savoy, Bob, but you’re still a fucking prick.” I doubt this was a misquote. And people still wonder why there will never be a Husker Du reunion.

On the burgeoning punk rock touring underground he writes….

There was a loose network, which we often discovered by chance, where like-minded bands would share a stage and the hometown band would offer accommodations to the traveling band. In return, when that band came to your town, you would reciprocate. There was a remarkable lack of ego in all of this. Sometimes you’d run into a band that didn’t understand or appreciate the idea. When the Bad Brains stayed with Grant and his parents, they took Grant’s pot and left behind an antigay note. Some gratitude.

And the Lubbock, Texas show I was at gets mentioned….

Should I be doing this, after everything that’s happened? I asked myself that again on Easter Sunday when we played a show in Lubbock, Texas. At the after party, the local metal kids made a videotape of a live rabbit being feed to a giant python.

Bob is a gay man and he does write about his relationships. Hopefully homosexuality does not freak you out…and it shouldn’t, you will not catch the gay bug. I promise….

Like I mentioned it is a good read. Not at the top of rock autobiographies (Bob Dylan, Keith Richards), but definitely not toward the bottom (Marilyn Manson, Belinda Carlisle). Well written, funny and poignant. I was excited to read it and when I finished I was happy to get a glimpse into the life of Bob Mould, a person that shaped the way I am.

If you have any interest in Husker Du, Sugar, or just want a good book to read about a real life I recommend it.

Video: KTU – Kataklasm – Live at Tavastia, Helsinki, 2009

That’s right…rocking the accordion. KTU (pronounced Kay-two), take two ex(?)members of King Crimson and add accordion master Kimmo Pohjonen and you have this. This song sounds like it could be an updated Exorcist theme.

The half a century men…

keith morris, ian mckaye, henry rollins

Left to right: Keith Morris (original Black Flag singer, Circle Jerks), age 55; Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), age 49; Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band), age 50

Video: Radiohead – Just

A great video from the mid 90’s…You do it to yourself, you do…

Mix: The Build Up


Peaches En Regalia – Frank Zappa Zappa…love this man or hate this man. Most people do not have any neutral feeling toward him. I think he wrote some great musical themes. The ‘humor’ songs do not stand up to repeated listenings, but his instrumental passages are so complex that I could listen to them without boredom…and Peaches En Regalia is one of my favorites.

Just – Radiohead Radiohead from 1995…great song, great guitar solo…and great video.

I Don’t Want You On My Mind – Mick Harvey Mick was a member of The Birthday Party and a member of the Bad Seeds. He left the Seeds in January 2009, after being in the band for 25 years or so. This is off his 2009 solo album ‘Two of Diamonds’. He just co-produced PJ Harvey’s ‘Let England Shake’.

The Green Manalishi – Fleetwood Mac A Peter Green written song (he also wrote Black Magic Woman) recorded just months before he left the band in 1970. Plenty of stuff has been written about his decent into mental instability brought on by LSD use…at least he was able to come back and make music again…unlike Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.

Vocal Chords – Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jr Sweet summer sounds, not unlike the Beach Boys….

Profondo Rosso – Goblin Okay, here comes some different stuff…Title track to the Italian horror film ‘Profondo Rosso’ or ‘Deep Red’. Wonderfully cool dated grooves.

LSD Party – Roland Vincent More soundtrack music from the swinging 60’s.

The Lion and The Cucumber – Vampire’s Sound Incorporation Even more soundtrack music, this time from the perfectly named ‘Vampyros Lesbos’. And yes, I have seen the movie.

Schoolgirl Report Title Track – Gert Wilden and Orchestra Now a little German movie music from the soft-core classic ‘the Schoolgirl Report’.

Flat Tires (Remix) – Medeski, Martin and Wood NOT a movie soundtrack, but a remix of a MMW song by DJ Spooky.

Victory Dance – My Morning Jacket I Love this slow build jam from one of America’s best bands.

New Sensation – Beck’s Record Club Have you heard about Beck’s Record Club?? Beck gets some of the best indie musicians together and they re-record a classic album in one day. This is from the INXS ‘Kicks’ cover, featuring vocals by Angus of the Liars and Annie from St. Vincent.

I’ll Keep It With Mine – Marianne Faithful A newly sober Marianne in 1987 covers Dylan. From the album ‘Strange Weather’, produced by Hal Wilner.

Time Passes Slowly – Bob Dylan From the forgotten album ‘New Morning’.

Kitchenette – Grinderman A song gothic and menacing and sexual, just the way I like them…most of the time.

Strange Desire – The Black Keys The Akron, Ohio duo that seems to get bigger and better with every release.

Song of Joy – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ is a favorite album of mine (I just picked up the new 5.1 remixed disc) and this is the first track on the album….and it sets the mood for what follows.

Here Comes the Sun – Nina Simone I recently saw Paul Simon in concert and he played this song solo and it sounded to me like a song about the end of life and what comes next….but that could have just been me. I love Nina’s version.

You can listen to this mix on the 8-Track website at  or just click on the photo under the mix title to be taken straight to it.  It is free and legal. You can’t download from them but if you hear something you like, or a band that piques your interest, then by all means purchase their music…digitally, by mail or from your local mom and pop indie record store.

Gillian Welch – My First Lover

Simple and beautiful. From her 2001 album Time (The Revelator).

Mix: Dull Boy

Delia’s Gone – Johnny Cash This is Johnny’s first recording of the Blind Blake song based on the 1900 murder of Delia Green. The ‘AMERICAN RECORDINGS’ version is much more powerful, even without as many verses as this one.

Loose – Ray Wylie Hubbard Ray Wylie wrote ‘UP AGAINST THE WALL, REDNECK MOTHER’…’nuf said.

Only Lie Worth Telling – Paul Westerberg Leader and songwriter of the excellent band The Replacements. This song is from his albums ‘STEREO/MONO’ …which were recorded in his basement.

Wrecking Ball – Gillian Welch I love her music and she is always a treat to see live.

El Camino – Elizabeth Cook If you like do yourself a favor and pick up Elizabeth’s ‘WELDER’ album. It is amazing.

Already In Love – Exene Cervenka This is the same Exene from the LA punk band X.

Jackie Wants A Black Eye – Dr. Dog Slick production on the new Dog.

JR – Drums and Tuba Before the tuba kicks in on this song it sounds like an old Chili Peppers jam. I always liked this band from Austin, Texas.

Jacaranda – KTU Take a couple of ex(?)-members of King Crimson and add accordion master Kimmo Pohjonen and you have some amazing instrumental music.

Beauty of a Broken Heart – Page McConnell From the Phish keyboardists underrated solo album.

The Afterlife – Paul Simon My favorite song from Paul’s latest album, catchy and humorous.

Sneakin’ Sally Thru the Alley – Lee Dorsey Song written by Allen Toussaint and made famous by Robert Palmer. I believe the band backing up Lee is the Meters.

Everlasting Shine Blakaz – Wickit The Instigator Big Boi and the Black Keys mash-up.

Suddenly Everything Has Changed – The Postal Service Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamerello cover a Flaming Lips song.

Fresh Blood – The Eels Song from the ‘relationship’ trilogy of albums E recently released.

Problem Queen – Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi Made to sound like a 1970’s Italian movie soundtrack and featuring Nora Jones on vocals.

Empty Glass – Pete Townshend Wow…I loved this when it came out and it still sounds great. This could have been a very fine Who album.

Choctaw Bingo – Ray Wylie Hubbard Ray Wylie’s cover of the James McMurty song. Love Ray’s deadpan delivery…hilarious stuff.

Codeine – Jason Isabell From the ex-Drive-By Truckers latest album.

You can listen to this mix on the 8-Track website at  or just click on the photo under the mix title to be taken straight to it.  It is free and legal. You can’t download from them but if you hear something you like, or a band that piques your interest, then by all means purchase their music…digitally, by mail or from your local mom and pop indie record store.

The Iggy Pop Action Figure

Last Sunday afternoon my wife asked me if I would go to Toys R Us and pick up a couple of kites for our boys. This was not exactly what I wanted to do at the time, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get out and earn some Daddy Points from the kids. I arrive at the store and started my search for kites. As I am looking up and down every isle something catches my eye…on a peg, surrounded by wrestling and superhero figures, is an IGGY POP action figure. I grabbed one so fast I made the kid next to me flinch.

Iggy Pop (the action figure) was one of those unexpected ultra-cool finds. I didn’t think twice about making the purchase…I came home with two five dollar kites and one fifteen dollar Iguanaman. The man has entertained me for years. In the 80’s, after reading a Henry Rollins penned article in SPIN magazine, I went and bought the Stooges FUNHOUSE album. After each listen I got more and more into it…that passion, that insanity. Later on I bought ZOMBIE BIRDHOUSE and found it strange and interesting. Over the years I have heard just about everything he has put out.

I saw Iggy about 15 years ago at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. I went alone and sat in the balcony. Iggy was all over the place with manic energy. I left the show very satisfied and blasted the Stooges on my drive home. A few weeks later I received a letter from Iggy….I had written to an address on his latest album on a whim. He wrote that he liked the FUNHOUSE album and it was too bad people didn’t catch on to it from the beginning. He also told me he hope I had a good time at the Warfield show as it sounded pretty good from where he was at.

The doll action figure is a very good resemblance…all muscles and wrinkles and movement.

Iggy DollIggy Doll Close

I was showing it off and admiring my new toy when a thought strolled into my head… ‘I wonder if any of my other musical heroes have action figures.’ This is where the internet and ebay can get me in trouble.

As I was surfing around I saw many that I thought looked nothing like the person they were modeled after. But I saw some pretty good ones…I had to have the Keith Richards and Mick Jagger (the 1972 version) and the Johnny Cash, and the Kurt Cobain….oh, and the Jimmy Page……and the Jimi Hendrix………..

Keith Richards Mick Jagger Action Figure

So now the question is….Do I take them out of their box?!?

Mix: Just a Little Time

Be Still My Heart – The Postal ServicBen Gibbard of ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ and producer/musician Jimmy Tamorello crafted this piece of electropop. From the ‘Silhouettes’ EP.

Even This Shall Pass – Robert Plant and the Band of Joy Music from Buddy Miller and Robert Plant set to a poem by Theodore Tilton. Buddy Millers production is like a swamp fever dream to me.

So Beautiful or So What – Paul Simon Title track to Paul Simon’s latest album. I like this album very much, songs about death and the afterlife never get old to me. It is not another Graceland, but a strong album.

Who Are You – Pearl Jam I love the line, ‘Can’t defend f*cked up men’…

Time Waits for No One – The Rolling Stones Mick Taylor’s finest moment on a Rolling Stones record. A truly amazing guitar solo. I wonder if there is truth to the rumor that when he heard he was not going to be given a writing credit for this track he decided to quit the band.

Lost Paraguayos – Rod Stewart Written by Stewart and future Rolling Stone Ron Wood.

Summer Baby (7″ Version) – Pavement The little indie band from Stockton, CA. They seem to have become bigger in legend than when they were a functioning band.

Daisy Mae – Jason Isabell Jason was in the band Drive-By Truckers. He was one of the principle songwriters in the band and he was married to the bassist. He and the bassist got a divorce and then he left the band….coincidence? This is from his latest album ‘Here We Rest’.

Tightrope – Leon Russell Probably the second most famous song of Leon’s…’A Song For You’ being the most famous.

Feeling Good – The Eels I like The Eels and I like this song….and they play a good version…but Nina Simone will always own this tune.

Suggestion – Fugazi THE indie band. True D.I.Y. pioneers.

Morning Mr. Magpie – Radiohead So much going on in this track from the initially disappointing album ‘King of Limbs’. Listen to this loud with headphones on….

What’s The Use – Phish One of my favorite bands. This piece of post apocalyptic sound scape is from an album called ‘The Siket Disc’. The album was constructed from hours of improvising in the studio and edited together by the bands keyboardist Page McConnell.

When I Open My Eyes – Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. A Detroit duo with a awesomely cool band name. Sonically they have a modern 60’s vibe…an updated vocal group.

Rosebud – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals From member of Whiskeytown, to solo artist, to member of the Cardinals, to Mr. Mandy Moore this guy writes some good songs. Rosebud was the name of Jerry Garcia’s last custom guitar made by Doug Irwin.

That Would Be Something – Paul McCartney I love this little ditty from Paul’s first solo album.

Love and Only Love – Neil Young Put Neil with Crazy Horse and something magical happens. My idea of bliss is an extended guitar break from Neil with the band crashing around behind him.

You can listen to this mix on the 8-Track website at  or just click on the photo under the mix title to be taken straight to it.  It is free and legal. You can’t download from them but if you hear something you like, or a band that piques your interest, then by all means purchase their music…digitally, by mail or from your local mom and pop indie record store.

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