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The Old Gods

Five years after getting together to do a little show in London the boys in Led Zeppelin have decided to release a DVD of the event. Celebration Day, which chronicles the 2007 concert, will hit the stores on November 19th. Shouldn’t I be excited for this? They were the soundtrack to my youth, but I don’t seem to be to hyped up about this.

Offical Video – Walk Like a Giant

We get our first glimpse of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s forthcoming album Psychedelic Pill with the ‘single edit’ of Walk Like A Giant. The track is listed at 16 minutes but this video is only four and a half minutes long…but it is a very powerful four point five. More Barn!

Just a quick reminder that Neil’s autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, is out today.

Song for the Rough Week Ahead…

Like a Hurricane…the Flood of Neil Young Releases

If you happen to be a  Neil Young fan this fall is going to be fun. There are so many new releases coming out soon. First up is his autobiography, ‘Waging Heavy Peace‘ with the moved up release date of September 25. Hopefully it will be better than it’s title…

If you are bucks up there is a deluxe signed edition on Amazon for $500, but with the Amazon discount it is only $337.50. Or if you are one of the 1% and have money to burn, you can donate $1,500 to the Bridge School (totally tax deductible…like you pay taxes, rich bastards) and you will receive a personalized copy signed by Neil…I will stick to the e-reader version.

Next up on October 16 will see the DVD and Blu-ray release of Journeys. It is the latest Jonathan Demme directed Neil Young concert film. This one was filmed on Neil’s solo tour from last year called the Twisted Road. Filmed in Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall it is an up close look at Neil solo and plugged in.

And last, but in no ways least, on October 30 the new double CD from Neil Young and Crazy Horse will see the light of day. Titled Psychedelic Pill it will feature all new original material. It will also be released as a triple vinyl record set. A double CD and triple vinyl release for eight songs (and a bonus mix of the title track)…got to love that. But I don’t love the price tag for the vinyl set…87 bucks. Damn, that is just too much.

Disc One:
1 Driftin’ Back (27:36)
2 Psychedelic Pill (3:26)
3 Ramada Inn (16:49)
4 Born In Ontario (3:49)

Disc Two:
1 Twisted Road (3:28)
2 She’s Always Dancing (8:33)
3 For The Love Of Man (4:13)
4 Walk Like A Giant (16:27)

Bonus Track:
5 Psychedelic Pill (Alternate Mix)

Plus you have the second leg of the Crazy Horse tour, the Bridge School Benefit concerts and Farm Aid…and I bet you can throw in a couple of TV appearances in the mix. Gonna be a fun fall…

Review: Tempest – Bob Dylan

He is seventy-one years old, his voice sounds like a millions cigarettes have passed over his vocal chords and his days of mind blowing poetry are surely behind him. Still his lyrics can hit you like an unexpected left hook. They might not come at you as fast as they did when he was a young man, but when he connects it will still snap your head back. He is Bob Dylan and his latest album, Tempest, is a slow descent down into Cormac McCarthy visions of love/lust, revenge/justice and dark dreams of death.

The media hype machine has been working overtime for this album with a select few ‘Dylan friendly’ rock critics listening to the album months in advance. Those critics have doled out little bits of information and praise about the album over the past couple of months. They reported that the title track was 14 minute long and about the sinking of the Titanic. There was a song of ‘staggering emotion’ about his friend John Lennon. That Dylan was stepping away from the blues based music of his last couple of albums. There was talk of it being a dark and brutal collection of songs…and even talk of it being a modern Dylan masterpiece.


Hype can build up the expectations, but it can crumble down to indifference if the album falls short of those expectations. Relax. This is a strong Dylan album. Not his modern masterpiece perhaps, but only time will tell how this one stacks up with other very good later period albums like Love and Theft, Time Out of Mind and Modern Times. I believe this album will hold up and grow with repeated listens.

The songs are the stars of this collection. Dylan is in fine voice (with which he can inflict a audible wink or scowl) and the band compliments the songs perfectly, but this collection of songs are the shining gems. From the old-time, happy-go-lucky feel of Duquesne Whistle to the love triangle murder ballad of Tin Angel these are songs that feel like they have been around from yesteryear…timeless would be the word to use. That ‘lived in’ feel of old standards.

I did have a little residual effects from all the hype…the song about John Lennon, Roll On John, has not grown on me yet. And I feel putting this song on the end of the album after the walk down the increasing darkness of human greed/lust/murder/death blew the chance to retain heaviness of the album. It feels like a cop out and seems tacked on.

Dylan is still the cranky prankster, the sculpture of words, the most guarded public figure of all time. Do yourself a favor and read the Dylan interview in the latest Rolling Stone. The man knows how to confuse and baffle…and how to deflect and protect what is his. And with this album he proves he can still make your head snap back.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Song for the Rough Week Ahead…

Song for the Rough Week Ahead…

Phish – Dick’s Sporting Goods on 8/31/12

If you have 3 hours to kill this weekend you can watch Phish play the entire Fuck Your Face show from Colorado. The band was really throwing out the ‘phishiness’ during this show, clearly having fun with their prank. Overall a fun show with musical surprises galore.

Setlist –

First Tube

Uncle Pen


Kill Devil Falls

You Enjoy Myself



Set 2

Runaway Jim



Chalk Dust Torture

Emotional Resuce

Fuck Your Face




Capture the Moment in a Photograph…

Phish Just Killed It

I love Phish. I have for quite some time. It took a while for the band to click with me, but once I ‘got it’ I was a fan. I saw my first show in ’97 at Shoreline. I have seen the band many times over the years. I have been to good shows and I have seen a couple of real stinkers. The band just completed the second leg of their summer tour and although they played three nights in San Francisco I decided to skip seeing them this time around. What a mistake…the band absolutely killed on this tour. On 8/19/2012 in San Francisco they played a concert that I would put up on par with their best shows ever. Everything just clicked. The band was locked in and they were playing like a school of fish (or Phish) instinctively following as each would twist and turn the music in a new direction. Each taking turns leading the music toward the surface. I have listened back to that show twice and it amazes me the little extra they put into songs one would think they have played out. Even the ‘little’ songs have a little extra punch to them…it is called creativity. This band can create spontaneous music, composing on the fly once they leave the standard song structure. As a fan I live for the music that emerges when these guys are locked in and of one mind. Take this video of Down With Disease that they will jam out and morph it into the song Sand from 6/29/2012 in Noblesville, IN. At about the 5 minute mark they start to break away from the song and by the 10 minute mark they are just winging it…and it is this that I love to see bloom.

The band also loves a good prank. That is the certain ‘phishiness’ that make this band fun to follow. Like I mentioned earlier they just wrapped up their summer tour with three nights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park…a soccer stadium located outside of Denver. On the first night the song selection was all strange…they were playing songs that they would normally encore with in the middle of the set. I watched it unfold on the internet and I thought it was strange. When the first set was over I was looking at the set list and thinking it was the weirdest set I had ever seen. Then I looked at the first letter of every song…and it spelled out ‘FUCK YOU’. I laughed out loud. But they were not finished…over the course of both sets they spelled out the title of one of their rare songs and they played it. The song? Fuck Your Face, of course.

They were on fire at Dick’s. All three nights. Take this video of the song Light from the second night in Colorado…23 minutes of bliss.

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