Phish Just Killed It

I love Phish. I have for quite some time. It took a while for the band to click with me, but once I ‘got it’ I was a fan. I saw my first show in ’97 at Shoreline. I have seen the band many times over the years. I have been to good shows and I have seen a couple of real stinkers. The band just completed the second leg of their summer tour and although they played three nights in San Francisco I decided to skip seeing them this time around. What a mistake…the band absolutely killed on this tour. On 8/19/2012 in San Francisco they played a concert that I would put up on par with their best shows ever. Everything just clicked. The band was locked in and they were playing like a school of fish (or Phish) instinctively following as each would twist and turn the music in a new direction. Each taking turns leading the music toward the surface. I have listened back to that show twice and it amazes me the little extra they put into songs one would think they have played out. Even the ‘little’ songs have a little extra punch to them…it is called creativity. This band can create spontaneous music, composing on the fly once they leave the standard song structure. As a fan I live for the music that emerges when these guys are locked in and of one mind. Take this video of Down With Disease that they will jam out and morph it into the song Sand from 6/29/2012 in Noblesville, IN. At about the 5 minute mark they start to break away from the song and by the 10 minute mark they are just winging it…and it is this that I love to see bloom.

The band also loves a good prank. That is the certain ‘phishiness’ that make this band fun to follow. Like I mentioned earlier they just wrapped up their summer tour with three nights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park…a soccer stadium located outside of Denver. On the first night the song selection was all strange…they were playing songs that they would normally encore with in the middle of the set. I watched it unfold on the internet and I thought it was strange. When the first set was over I was looking at the set list and thinking it was the weirdest set I had ever seen. Then I looked at the first letter of every song…and it spelled out ‘FUCK YOU’. I laughed out loud. But they were not finished…over the course of both sets they spelled out the title of one of their rare songs and they played it. The song? Fuck Your Face, of course.

They were on fire at Dick’s. All three nights. Take this video of the song Light from the second night in Colorado…23 minutes of bliss.

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