Rollins Band – Sacramento, CA 1992

On a hot July night in 1992 I went into an even hotter club in Sacramento to see the Rollins Band perform. The club was called The Amazon. It was an all ages dance club that had a jungle theme…banyan trees painted on the wall and a hot humid interior. The minute I made it in I broke into a sweat. It was a small club with some risers along the wall and disco lights hanging from the ceiling. Security was tough getting into the club and I remember a slow moving line to get in even though I was late and the opening band was already on stage. I caught the last couple of songs from TOOL and told myself to check them out as soon as I could.

The Rollins Band were their normal hard rocking selves. I remember a couple of stage divers and that someone stole something off the guitar player’s amp and Rollins asking for it to be returned to no avail. My neighbor at the time, Steve, worked security for the show and I remember Rollins talking about good security and bad security…Rollins was happy with Steve as he just watched the stage and let the kids cut loose. After the show Steve let me hang back as the crowd was ushered out and I got a chance to talk to Rollins about seeing Black Flag in Lubbock 10 years earlier. To my surprise he remembered the name of both venues that they played. I ended the quick conversation with telling Henry that it was good to see him again.

Steve gave me these photographs, but I don’t know who took them. So a big thank you to the unknown photographer…

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  1. This was a truly great show and so very hot. The bathroom was the only place to get some cool water break from the show. So much heat and sweat that Henry was getting stung by the mic shorting out. Too funny that this show happened next to a Sheriff sub station. While I love The End of Silence album, it was also amazing to be introduced to Tool as well. Maynard was just amazing. It’s weird to see myself near the stage in the last picture. It seems so long ago.

  2. man, I remember Tool freaking me out…..singer always looked like he was looking at me…….this was about the hottest show I’ve ever been at

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