All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween! I will use this day to bring to you a tale of unspeakable horror, a tale of a creature so gruesome that it can only come from a child’s imagination…and this comes from my 10 year old little monster’s imagination.

Every year on Halloween Night a monster comes to the world. People say he looks like a turtle but they haven’t seen what he looks like, but I have. He looks like a tiny dinosaur with a yellow shell. It is called a Cravasaur. The  reason people can’t see it is because it turns invisible when in the open. The Cravasaur hides in its victim’s candy bags and eats the candy when it is thrown in. The Cravasaur has eight victims a day, I have not been one yet. It only comes to kids that crave candy and loves the warmness of the candy bag. The Cravasaur is a creature that comes from the past to eat candy that fills him up for the rest of the year. It is a fascinating creature.

copyright 2012 – Connor

The Carvasaur, a school project by Connor. 2012-10-31


Now for some spooooky videos……

And the only scary movie you need to watch on Halloween…and it was the start of my Jamie Lee Curtis infatuation.

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