Review – m b v by My Bloody Valentine

mybloodyvalentineI admit it. I was late to the game. Back in the early 90’s I had friends telling me that I must check out My Blood Valentine, but I lumped them in with all the ‘shoe-gazer’ bands from England that I could not stomach. Bands like Luna, Galaxie 500, Love and Rockets, Lush….oh, the horror. I didn’t get it at all. So when people told me to check out Loveless by MVB I flat out refused. Then over the years that damn album would pop up on a lot of people’s best of lists. Still I refused to even give it a chance. And then musicians I respect called it anything from the “best album of the 90’s” (Trey Anistasio) to “it set a new standard for pop” (Brian Eno). Crap…so about 10 years after it was released I went out and bought a used CD of Loveless to see what all the brouhaha was about. It is still one of my favorite albums of all time. The sound of the hushed vocals and the deluge of guitar sounds on the songs are truly unlike anything I had heard at the time. It is a masterpiece, no doubt.

That was the last My Bloody Valentine album released until Saturday night. Twenty-two years after the release of Loveless comes m v b.

If I were to believe the initial twitter buzz this was also a great album. I don’t think it is great, but it is pretty damn good. On headphones this thing comes alive. And it is unmistakably My Bloody Valentine…any of these songs would not be out of place as outtakes from the Loveless sessions. While some may question the lack of growth of new sounds I feel that the band still sounds vibrant. The song writing is a tinge more mature. It is pop, less the total assault of the earlier albums (but with pop underlinings). This album breaks no new ground and ultimately will not have the huge impact of Loveless, but none the less it is a worthy follow-up…even 22 years later.

4 out of 5 Stars

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