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Song for the Rough Week Ahead – Ty Segall – My Head Explodes

Flag and Black Flag…oh, the drama

I make no secret of my love for the music of Black Flag. Their music was more than just songs to me, it was a way of life that changed the way I lived my life. This year, after the band has been nonexistent since 1986, there has been a flurry of activity from former band members…some of it smells genuine and some reeks of ego and greed. One group of ex-members is touring behind the name FLAG and looks to be very sincere and energetic for a bunch of 50 somethings…

Then you have Greg Ginn…guitarist and leader of Black Flag and the only constant member of the band. His guitar sound was Black Flag and it was always his band. Well, in seemingly a response to FLAG, Greg has decided the time is right to resurrect good old BLACK FLAG. The re-formed group consists of a brand new rhythm section and Ron Reyes on vocals (known as Chavo Pederast from the Jealous Again EP) and, of course, Greg on guitar. There is an extensive world tour and a new album on the horizon. Time will tell how this will go down in music history, but I think chances are good that it falls flat. That being said, I already have my ticket for an upcoming show. I’ll tell you how it turns out…


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