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What tha ?!?$?!!, part two

Capture the Moment in a Photograph…

On July 22, 2006 my wife and myself made the drive down to one of my favorite concert venues, the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA . The Greek is in the hills overlooking the campus of UC Berkeley. From the top of the lawn you can see the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. Needless to say it is one of the more beautiful venues that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. On this day we sat in the bowl on the hard concrete and watched Ween take the stage in daylight, playing for about an hour and twenty minutes. Then the show was finished off by the always visually exciting band of lovable weirdos from Oklahoma City the Flaming Lips. These photos were taken with a old Sony Cyber-shot digital camera…

Song for the Rough Week Ahead…

Pretty Vinyl – Part 2

Wayne from the Flaming Lips talks to you about how the pretty vinyl is made…

Pretty Vinyl


The Flaming Lips have officially announced their Record Store Day release. Long rumored that it would be a  compilation of ‘tunes’ with guest musicians…and that is exactly what it is. The two disc set will feature the band along with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Bon Iver, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Nick Cave, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Yoko Ono, Erykah Badu, Biz Markie, Lighting Bolt, Neon Indian and Prefuse 73.

The limited-edition album will be pressed on two high-quality, multi-color 12″ vinyl discs, housed in separate custom art jackets and poly bagged together.  A press release states that no two discs will look exactly alike and cautions that this will be the only pressing. It looks to be a highly collectable release by a band I really like.

Full track details….

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends :
Side 1:
01. 2012 (feat. Ke$ha and Biz Markie)
02. Ashes In The Air (feat. Bon Iver)
03. Helping The Retarded To Know God (feat. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

Side 2:
04. Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee (feat. Prefuse 73)
05. Children Of The Moon (feat. Tame Impala)
06. That Ain’t My Trip (feat. Jim James of My Morning Jacket)
07. You, Man? Human? (feat. Nick Cave)

Side 3:
08. I’m Working At NASA On Acid (feat. Lightning Bolt)
09. Do It! (feat. Yoko Ono)
10. Is David Bowie Dying? (feat. Neon Indian)

Side 4:
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (feat. Erykah Badu)
12. Thunder Drops (feat. New Fumes)
13. I Don’t Want You To Die (feat. Chris Martin of Coldplay)

Smoke Pot, Smoke Pot, Everybody Smoke Pot…

What better way to end this year of 2011 than a freaked out cover of the Beatles by Oklahoma’s favorite wasted sons, The Flaming Lips.

I am wishing everyone a safe, healthy 2012.

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